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Author Visits


For K-grade 2:

  • Discuss where my ideas come from

  • Lead interactive discussion of the who, what, where, and when factors in a picture book story

  • Read aloud three picture books (PowerPoint optional, depending on size of group.)



For grades 3-5:

  • Show PowerPoint of where I work, my family, my pets, and some of the places, people, and animals that have inspired my books 

  • Tell children how I got the idea for The Battlefield Ghost and/or other short-chapter books 

  • Talk about choices an author has to make: interactive discussion about character, plot, theme, and setting 

  • Discuss importance of introducing a problem and the challenge of finding a solution, using The Battlefield Ghost as an example 

  • Read to children from The Battlefield Ghost or another short-chapter book


My fee:

  • $1,200 a day plus business mileage and lodging and food, as appropriate 

  • Will furnish ordering information for autographing books

PowerPoint presentation; need microphone for large room, trolley, and extension cord 


Contact through website

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