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Please Say Please!

Penguin's Guide to Manners

Ill. by Will Hillenbrand

Please Say Please!

When a group of animals goes to Penguin's house for dinner, their manners are atrocious until they're told about rules of good behavior. There's a "That's right/That's wrong" refrain throughout. 

For example: “When a hippo sits down for dinner, she should put her napkin on her head. How pretty! Is that right? No, that’s wrong. When a hippo sits down for dinner, she should lay her napkin on her lap. That’s better!”


This jovial guide to manners may not tame wild young beasts, but it will have preschoolers giggling to see bears throwing spoons, chimps grabbing, and giraffes burping at Penguin’s house. Cuyler introduces basic party etiquette in a question-and-answer format... By the conclusion, the newly enlightened menagerie is merrily on its way, with a thank-you and a come back soon. Hillenbrand’s simple, comical illustrations harness the messy chaos (and flying food) of childhood with bold black lines and plenty of good humor. – Booklist


A must for every children's library – and for the frustrated parents of young ones. – Kirkus Reviews

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