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Stop Drop and Roll

Simon and Schuster
Ill. by Arthur Howard

Stop Drop and Roll

(Hardcover ISBN 9780689843556)

Jessica, who worries about everything from her spelling homework to remembering to fill her dog's water dish, learns that fire safety begins with extinguishing her fears.


Ever- and over-sensitive to the many perils that threaten a primary schooler, Jessica achieves a new level of panic when her teacher announces Fire Prevention Week and daily introduces a safety strategy that Jessica translates into imminent household doom... A list of "Sparky's Top 10 fire Safety Tips for Kids" is included on the jacket back. – Recommended, Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


Still, as they're falling down laughing, readers will pick up a few important safety tips, too. Stop, drop, and read. – Kirkus Reviews


Buy plenty of copies; this is sure to be in demand for fire-safety programs. – Booklist


Best used in units on fire safety. – School Library Journal

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